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1. Firms will deliver their orders with fax by arranging a firm letter or ordering form.

2. Carriage costs belong to our customers. We have reduced price agreement with Yurt İçi Kargo and our customers can benefit from its reduced prices

3. Carriage costs are added to customers’ invoice including cargo company’s name with carriage costs for the firms if they do not want to be bothered by paying carriage costs directly to cargo company, or if company rules require so, or if organization requires cargo to be delivered to personnel who are not assigned with paying carriage cost of delivered goods.

4. As general application, cost of the goods ordered is paid as cash with order, to our firm’s bank account.

5. Customers who are enrolled to our customer portfolio and who always buys from us and who never delayed their payments; will pay to our bank accounts subsequent to delivery of goods, at least in one month or between special dates given to them. Our customers who has this qualities can give postdated checks on delivery for their shoppings passing 1000 TL, to be paid on the decided date. Checks can be the firm’s official checks or a customer check which is properly endorsed.

6. Firms who are late for payments can not benefit from reduced or deferred payment chances. For such firms' orders, predelivery cash payment in 4. article is applied.

7. Firms who are late for payments are accrued for %10 delay cost for every month. This price is billed to the firm in question. If costs and delay fees are not paid, necessary legal actions will be applied. In case of any commercial, financial and judicial disagreement, Yalova Court is authorized.

8. These Rules are regarded as a general announcement for our Customers and Customer Candidates. Firms, by buying products or services from our firm, has accepted these selling rules exactly.

We wish you a healthy and happy trading collaboration, good profit and success in your business.

Best Regards.

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