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Services of Engineering, Production and Trading of Industrial Substance and Material

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PROSES Ticaret, İmalat, Mühendislik (PROSES T.İ.M.) firm is founded by Chemical Engineer Doğan Gürbüz in 2005 to give “Services of Engineering, Production and Trading of Industrial Substance and Material” in Yalova.

Doğan Gürbüz, who had been in high level technical and administrative duties in industry, begin using his experience he gained from industry in this field by founding the firm after his retirement and started to produce fiters.

The firm and its production quality became known in short time, therefore becoming the first  Brand coming to minds and the first Brand to be chosen.

Our standart productions are Cartridges and Bag Filters with various sizes and micron quality, which are used in liquid, air and gas filtering  (like special filters made from glas-fiber and plaiting, dust bag filters, metal filters, gas filters, hyraulic filters.)

We are giving project, assembly and start-up services on obtaining fresh water, process water and deionized water from untreated water and sea water, filtration of water and chemical solutions, recovering, membrane and filtration, which are high level technology products. In such projects, cooperations are made with world wide famous firms.

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Our firm;
Is a member of Yalova Ticaret ve Sanayi Odası and T.C Başbakanlık, Dış Ticaret Müsteşarlığı – Orta Anadolu Makine ve Aksamları.
Our firm is rated as A class SME by T.C Sanayi Bakanlığı - KOSGEB
Our firm has TS EN ISO 9001:2008 Certificate of Quality,
Turkish Patent Institute Certificate of Brand Registry, and
Global Synchrınization One – GS1 Certificate of Registry.

Our firm and products are registered to Türkiye İlaç ve Kimyasal Cihaz Ulusal Bankası (UBB), and the filters we produce, which are approved by T.C Sağlık Bakanlığı (Ministry of Health), have CE Mark with international barcode.

The filters we produce are being used by many big and small scaled indrustial enterprises, Chemical facilities, surface processing and metal plating facilities, power plants, factories, purification and recovering facilities, food industry and medical sector enterprises.

Firm makes processing designs, research and develepment operations on its own, and produces its products with machines which are designed by the firm.

Many big and small scaled filter users are using this domestic goods, which are being produced since 2005 with success and users are very satisfied.

This fact makes the whole personnel proud and happy, directing them to new aims and products.  You can observe the developments from our website's "News From Us" section.

In PROSES T.İ.M., workers’ happiness is important. Their wishes, desires and suggestions are evaluated by the top management and required applications or developments are made.

Our customers’ main reasons to choose us are our superiority of quality, quick delivery, low price, deferred payment, good relations with customers, service and institutionalizm. In our opinion, you will be satisfied with our Firm and products too.

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