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Founder of our Firm, Doğan Gürbüz, was born in 1951 in İstanbul. In 1975, he graduated from the Chemical Engineering Department of İ.D.M.M.A Galatasaray Mühendislik Fakültesi (which is called Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi today.) After he started his business life, he finished 48. period of Business Administration Programme in University of İstanbul, Faculty of Management.

In his school years, he was interested in Music and Scouting. He can play guitar well, and being the founder of Yavuz İzci Grubu(1970) which is connected to Scouting Federation, he is the owner of an international Wood-Badge. He is married and has 2 children.

After being discharged as reserve officer in 1977, he begin his businees life in AYSAN Ağaç Yağları Sanayi A.Ş, which is in Marshall Boya Grubu, as a Shift Engineer.

He begin working in AKSA Akrilik Kimya Sanayi A.Ş on September of 1977. He was assigned to the following duties in order:

1977 Engineer in Charge of Dope and Solvent Recovering Units ,
1978 Assistant of Enterprise Chief, in charge of Polimerization, Dope and Solvent Units,
1981 Assistant of Enterprise Headmaster,
1992 Headmaster of Process,
2000 Headmaster of Utility Services,
2003 Headmaster of Utility Services and Harbor Master,
As an additional duty, from 1983 to 2000, he carried the task of being Start-up Chairman in charge with the engagement of new equipment and installations regarding the newly installed unites in all factory, solving problems and delivering them to the operator departments.

As a person experienced in every stage of process and being one of those persons who knows process best in Aksa, the world’s biggest acrylic fiber facility under one roof,  he is informed and experienced in all of the main and helper processes related with acrylic fiber and polymer production processes.

As a result of the assignments he performed, he gained lots of experience in chemical and mechanical processes, utility processes, start-up operations, solving problems related with production and process, saving energy, cost reduction, increasing productivity and operational management.

During his work, he took part as chairman and member of the teams which are assigned to solve problems, reduce cost, increasing productivity and saving energy, installation of ISPS Code systems, ISO-9000, and ISO-14000. He operated individual projects.

He attended many trainings inside and outside of the firm.

(Various; Management, Human Relations, Technical Subjects, Process Controlling, Automated Process Controlling, Total Quality Management, Process Management, 6 Sigma, Management According to Aims, Performance Management, ISO-9000/14000, Environmental Trainings, Computer, TKY-Selg Evaluating, Technical Security and Job Safety, Interviewing Technics, Meeting Management, Management Grid, ISPS Code, NLP, vs..)

He retired on January, 2005 and founded PROSES Ticaret, İmalat, Mühendislik Firm, where he keeps on his business.

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